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A leading Buyers Agency and Property Advisory consultancy based in Western Sydney. We help investors, business owners and asset owners build a property portfolio that aligns with vision and purpose, leading to predictable long-term growth.




A leading Buyers Agency and Property Advisory consultancy based in Western Sydney. We help investors, business owners and asset owners build a property portfolio that aligns with vision and purpose, leading to predictable long-term growth.



Tailored to your needs. Focused on your financial goals. With an extensive 20-year expertise spanning diverse property sectors, we use our deep knowledge of the unpredictable Australian market and stringent research process to give you the buying edge. We know how to eliminate the uncertainty of identifying a property that offers an exceptional rental yield and lucrative gains.

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With every client we work with, our goal is always to maximise the value and results of your portfolio. We proudly partner with our network of trusted and knowledgeable advisors to offer you peace of mind and investment confidence.

Leveraging our extensive expertise and experience in the property industry, we deliver a comprehensive end-to-end solution that sets us apart from other Buyers Agencies. Actuate Property proudly provides an array of value-added services designed to elevate your investment to new heights:

Development Management

Partnering with a dedicated team who understands your vision and objectives is essential when managing property development projects. The key to meeting expectations lies in close collaboration among all parties involved, reliable risk management and a thorough understanding of your industry, procurement methods, design management, and financial modelling.


We provide efficient planning and guidance to navigate the necessary authority approvals, ensuring your project progresses successfully at every stage. Additionally, we offer expertise in financial management, including valuable advice on joint ventures, funding grants, debt facilities, and risk sharing.

Project Management

We pride ourselves on our integrity, exceptional communication skills, and high standards for quality to ensure you achieve an optimal outcome swiftly and efficiently. A successful project entails meeting stakeholder expectations and attaining concrete time, cost, and deliverables targets. Project management necessitates buildability and construction knowledge, adept stakeholder management, and proficient reporting capabilities.


Actuate Property can meet your requirements by encompassing a range of services, including project planning, design management, cost management, tender management, contractor engagement, contract management and superintendency services.

Lenders Agent

Mitigating risks, controlling costs, and effectively managing program delays are crucial elements in safeguarding the financial interests of lenders and financiers. That’s why we offer the guiding expertise of an independent Lenders Agent to ensure your objectives are met.

We are committed to safeguarding your construction funding throughout every project stage. This includes ensuring the integrity of initial building contracts, overseeing progress claims, and identifying potential risks related to scheduling, strata and stratum registration, compliance, and possible cost overruns.

Actuate Property can offer you any of the above services as a stand-alone option. Reach out to us today to find out more.




Whether you’re after a turnkey service, need clarity on your search, or have already found a site but need assistance with feasibility and due diligence, we can help.


Offering a range of fee structures and services adapted to your needs, we know how to play to your strengths and seamlessly support you at any stage of the buying journey.


We provide our clients with an extensive discovery process that few of our competitors can match. To achieve a proper alignment with your goals, we believe in gaining a deep understanding of your motivations for residential or commercial ownership.


Our focus lies in assessing your feasibility and readiness for owning, ensuring it’s the right time for you from a financial and market perspective. We carefully examine your borrowing capacity and evaluate if this purchase will pave the way for future opportunities. Actuate pays close attention to your must-haves and investment expectations, ensuring they’re met with confidence.


With over 20 years of experience across a range of sectors and the opportunity to work with household names in the commercial space, we’ve proudly amassed a network of professionals that align with our core values and drive for results.


Our turnkey service provides advice from leading legal, construction, and real estate experts. Actuate knows the property sector inside and out, and we’re focused on providing you with the best professional guidance and most worthwhile opportunities.


Actuate’s experience in property development gives us an unmatched edge in the investment and commercial space. We pride ourselves on our capacity to take on even the most daunting jobs.


Our team can act on behalf of a developer and conduct a feasibility analysis for a range of complex projects. Whether you need help assessing land viability to be converted into a splitter block or plan on rapidly developing and leasing a commercial space, we know what it takes to make every dollar you invest count.


Real estate is an industry that’s unfortunately known for having a somewhat unsavoury reputation; Actuate stands apart. 


Our core values revolve around building genuine relationships. We’re dedicated to independently representing you as the buyer and tirelessly pursuing the outcomes you deserve. We search deliberately. We negotiate rationally. And, above all, refuse to endorse a purchase unless we are certain it will maximise the return on every dollar you invest.

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What does Actuate look for when it comes to choosing an excellent investment?

We understand that choosing the right investment is crucial to your long-term financial goals. That’s why we prioritise a comprehensive discovery process, ensuring we fully understand your unique objectives before moving into the search phase. During our discovery phase, we’ll uncover your specific requirements, such as:

  • Are you looking to purchase and hold the property for the next ten years or more?
  • What’s your motivation for owning and borrowing capacity?
  • What are your must-haves regarding space, property type, and proximity to amenities?
  • Will this property be your long-term home, or are you considering it an investment opportunity?
  • If it’s an investment property, what is your desired rental yield, or are you looking to purchase, develop, and sell quickly?
  • How can we help ensure this purchase sets you up for multiple future purchases?

By delving into these details, we can tailor our search to properties that align with your long-term strategy, maximising the chances of delivering a space that meets your financial goals effectively.

Why is it worth working with a Buyers Agent?

Australia has one of the world’s most unpredictable property markets; things move so quickly now that even the experts can get it wrong. The landscape has changed so much that there’s a good chance the average buyer will invest in a property that won’t set them up for success.

With 3% of Australian property purchases made through a Buyers Agent, the NAB states that “Australians are using professional buyers agents more than ever before”. Here are a few key reseasons it’s worth working with a Buyers Agent:

  • Decreased stress: Allianz Australia has found that 51% of Australian home buyers’ emotional and mental well-being is affected during the buying process. There’s no price for peace of mind, and the support of a Buyers Agent eliminates the uncertainty of making a wise investment.
  • Networks: An experienced Buyers Agent has access to a range of specialised networks to help at each step of the process. They’re connected with local Real Estate Agents to find high-value (and off-market) opportunities, as well as due diligence and legal professionals to ensure you’re protected throughout the purchase.
  • Better return on investment: Buyers Agents are experts at understanding the Australian market, which means they can uncover opportunities the average searcher cannot. They use data, industry-standard tools, and years of industry experience to validate the value of every property they present to their clients.
  • Independence: While a Real Estate Agent is focused on representing the interests of a seller, a Buyers Agent is focused on achieving positive outcomes for the purchaser. A Buyers Agent will guide clients towards investing in a property that will provide the best opportunity to build up their portfolio. 
How much does a Buyers Agent cost?

The pricing of a Buyer’s Agent can vary depending on various factors specific to your needs.


These factors may encompass the number of locations you are interested in, the type and condition of the property you desire, your budget, and your long-term plans for your property. 


Typically, the cost of our services falls within the range of 1% to 3% of the purchase price.


We will thoroughly discuss the pricing details during our discovery meeting before formalising any agreement or engagement.

What are the most common mistakes you see people make when searching for a property?

Purchasing a property always comes with risk. Here are a few common mistakes we see searchers make when making a property purchase: 

  • Inadequate planning for future needs, such as renovating or expanding the size of your property.
  • Investing in an area that doesn’t offer excellent growth potential.
  • Failing to consult the right due diligence professionals.
  • Succumbing to fatigue during the search phase and pursuing a purchase when it’s not the right time.
  • Overpaying for a property due to poor negotiation skills.
  • Purchasing with their heart, not their head (getting too emotionally invested in the purchase).
  • Overlooking important factors during the settlement process and locking themselves into unfavourable terms.
Do you only service Sydney?

While we’re specialists in guiding residential and commercial purchases in Western Sydney, our team has deep knowledge of the market Australia-wide and can facilitate a smooth purchase anywhere.

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