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Helping first-time homeowners and seasoned investors secure a property that delivers exceptional rental yield and predictable growth.



Whether it’s your first or twentieth property purchase, each sign of the dotted line is an investment decision. Our discovery phase is dedicated to deeply understanding your financial goals and long-term motivations so that we can guide you towards the right investment choice.

In the first part of the process, we explore your ownership motivations. Will the property be for investment purposes or personal use? What are your priorities and must-haves? What’s your borrowing capacity? Your investment timeframe? We aim to guide you towards an investment decision leading to owning your next property in as little time as possible.

By the end of the discovery phase, you’ll clearly understand the suburbs and locations across Australia to focus on. Through our qualitative and quantitative research, we will develop an understanding of future market trends and offer tailored strategies that will give you a sound grasp of where to invest your capital.



The most frustrating part of finding a property, the tiring grind of searching, can lead some to purchase with their heart and not their head. Sometimes the data can be overwhelming, leading to ‘analysis paralysis.’ It’s about doing the boring things well, making informed decisions based on data, and being patient.

We invest in industry-standard tools to uncover properties that offer an excellent rental yield and long-term growth potential. We’ll analyse historical data, focusing on supply and demand, to find suburb-specific insights for market conditions and resale value. Our team will also tap into our networks with local Real Estate Agents to detect any off-market opportunities that could suit your brief. We’ll consider everything that adds value for rent and growth, including proximity to schools, public transport, shops, development potential, zoning uplift, and more.

Our job is to use our 20 years of industry experience to consider everything you won’t. Once we finish the search phase, you’ll have a list of shortlisted properties that tick your boxes for features, affordability and growth potential.



A thorough building and site inspection is paramount to the success of your property purchase. Skipping this essential step can result in significant financial losses, potentially amounting to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, it provides much-needed peace of mind by entrusting a keen-eyed professional to examine the property and its surrounding area.

By collaborating with leading Building Inspectors across Australia, we aim to safeguard you from investing in someone else’s problem and provide you with complete confidence in making the right investment decision.

Our comprehensive due diligence assessment covers the condition of your property, consulting expert opinions on structural integrity, present damage and overall condition. We validate compliance with Council requirements, offering insights into potential implications for future renovations or developments. Is the zoning adequate? Are there any flooding or bushfire risks? Or are there future construction projects in the pipeline that may cause noise or traffic issues? And what’s the time and monetary cost of any potential setbacks? These are just a few (of the many) questions our in-depth due diligence process will answer.



One of the most common issues we hear is overpaying for a property. While a Real Estate Agent’s job is to sell their client’s property for the best possible price, we work in YOUR interests to secure a property that meets (or falls under) your budget.

Before negotiating, we combine invaluable research insights from the search process with the inspection report. Our team will look at comparable properties that have sold in that area and acquire insights from market trends so we’re armed with a concrete number that makes long-term financial sense. Timing is another significant aspect; a seller will always be more open to negotiating if their property has been on the market for an extended period.

Our negotiation service includes accompanying you to an auction or attending on your behalf. Our team will take the stress out of purchasing by representing you and ensuring you stick to your guns and walk away from a deal not in your best interest.



As the final step in the buying process, we excel at dispelling the complexity of settlement paperwork and provide expert guidance to facilitate a seamless purchase.

Our settling services encompass attending the settlement meeting and representing you in person or on your behalf to offer invaluable support throughout the handover process. We work closely with your legal team by diligently compiling and reviewing all necessary paperwork while conducting meticulous due diligence. Our trained eye ensures that the purchase agreement, settlement statement, and other crucial documentation are equitable and in your best interest. Throughout the cooling-off period, we remain by your side, offering assistance and addressing any last-minute changes or concerns that may arise.

If you’re an astute investor, our dedicated services extend to ensuring a seamless transition into property ownership. Actuate Property understands the crucial elements that contribute to a successful investment, and we go the extra mile to coordinate with skilled Property Managers, experienced Builders, and other industry professionals who can align with your investment goals.

Once the dotted line has been signed, you’ll have secured a property that aligns with your budget, fulfils your amenity requirements, and, most significantly, offers substantial growth potential.

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