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Our expertise lies in identifying strategic opportunities that lay a solid foundation for growth. With a wealth of experience working within the commercial property sector, including alternative assets such as childcare and aged care, we’re equipped to guide you towards making sound investment decisions with confidence.



Poor cash flow is the number one reason businesses fail; purchasing the wrong commercial asset can cause a frustrating bottleneck and bring growth to a halt. Our discovery process involves deeply understanding your expectations and goals while developing a strategy to mitigate any risks that could lead to a poor purchase.

Our team will align your budget and long-term financial goals with the purchase. We’ll dial in on what location best serves your business objectives and target market while keeping in mind proximity to competitors. We’ll also consider zoning requirements or industry-specific regulations to prepare for scalability and future expansion goals.

Developing a comprehensive and focused brief with clear outcome expectations lies at the core of a successful commercial purchase. By the end of our discovery phase, we’ll provide you with a precise roadmap outlining the key areas to concentrate our search efforts on, ensuring we set the stage for success.



With a comprehensive brief and an acute understanding of your long-term goals, we leverage our industry expertise to unearth unique opportunities. We have the vision to look past a commercial asset for what it already is and see its repurposing potential.

Discovering the ideal commercial asset requires meticulous analysis and feasibility checking. We delve deep into crucial factors: What’s the area’s population density, and will it ensure ample foot traffic? Is it conveniently accessible for potential customers and employees? Does it provide sufficient parking, proximity to essential amenities, and public transport access? We seek out properties with negotiation potential, evaluate market conditions, historical supply & demand data, and consider time on the market.

Upon completing the search phase, we’ll have presented you with a curated selection of commercial properties that precisely align with your discovery brief, paving the way for your success.



Navigating the complexities of a commercial purchase requires a keen understanding of the challenges involved. In Australia, stringent codes and regulations prioritise workplace safety for both employees and customers. That’s why placing your trust in seasoned professionals is paramount during this critical phase.

Our team brings together specialists in commercial inspection to conduct thorough due diligence. Most importantly, we will assess the existing tenant profile. We’ll review all existing leases and determine if passing rent is close to the market and make a note of when leases expire.

Additionally, we will facilitate the engagement of other expert advisors on your behalf to inform our reporting, such as commercial lawyers, valuers, structural engineers, building services engineers, building surveyors and other technical consultants as required. We will also look for any past signs of structural damage, cracks, or sagging, leaving no stone unturned. We’ll answer key risk-mitigating questions: Are there any non-compliance issues with Building Codes? How might any issues regarding zoning impact future expansion plans? 


With our project management experience and thorough due diligence, we arm you with a comprehensive report that mitigates risk and empowers you with invaluable insights. These insights are also paramount to providing us with the negotiation edge necessary to secure the best possible terms for your investment. When making an offer on a commercial property, we will always condition it subject to completing our due diligence.



Leveraging search and due diligence research is the cornerstone of successful commercial space negotiations. It’s not just about tactics and psychology; it’s about using our findings to your advantage and objectively negotiating a fair outcome for both parties.

Before entering negotiations, we combine invaluable research insights from the search process and our due diligence report. This comprehensive approach equips us to provide a fair and reasonable appraisal of the space, ensuring we stay steadfast throughout the negotiation process. Understanding the seller’s motivation and collaborating on a mutually beneficial timeline is also a priority.

Our focus is on protecting your interests and carefully considering all potential risks. Commercial negotiations can sometimes stretch for weeks or longer. Throughout the process, we maintain open lines of communication, guiding you on when to assertively push forward or make the strategic decision to walk away.



The last significant hurdle to overcome, we provide end-to-end support throughout the settlement process. A commercial settlement comes with managing a large sum of money, which means everything needs to be completely airtight.

We can support you during the final step of the buying phase by representing you in person or on your behalf and organising any necessary meetings with property managers, leasing agents, the local Council, finance providers, or your legal team. Our trained eye in managing commercial developments means we can ensure that all commercial documentation is equitable and in your best interest. Throughout the cooling-off period, we’ll also remain by your side, offering assistance and addressing any last-minute changes or concerns that may arise.

Once the dotted line has been signed, you’ll have secured a space that aligns with your budget, fulfils your amenity requirements, and, most significantly, offers substantial growth potential.

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